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SSAT Vocabulary & Reading Prep Tutoring

ELAMB SSAT Vocabulary & Reading Prep Tutoring Program is designed to help students from grades 5-12 improve their vocabulary and reading comprehension skills.

We offer a variety of tutoring services to meet the needs of each individual student, and our experienced tutors are here to help them reach their full potential.

This program is ideal for students who are preparing for the SSAT or other standardized tests, as well as those who simply want to improve their reading comprehension and expand their vocabulary.

Our tutors will work with students on developing these important skills, and they will be able to see real results after completing the program.

The Key Components

SSAT Vocabulary & Reading Prep Tutoring Program

Our SSAT vocabulary and reading prep tutoring program is designed to help students improve their scores on the SSAT exam. The program includes four key components: vocabulary development, reading comprehension, essay writing, and test-taking strategies.

Certificated Teachers

· B. Ed. OCT teacher
· 30 years’ teaching experience in public school system
· 6 years’ teaching experience in Special Education
· Experienced ESL and IEP teacher
· Specialty is language development, including learning disabilities and speech impairment.


Students will learn new words and how to use them in context. They will also practice using root words, prefixes, and suffixes to help them understand new words.


Students will learn how to identify main ideas, make inferences, and draw conclusions. They will also practice identifying supporting details and making connections between different texts.


Students will learn how to manage their time wisely, eliminate distractions, and stay calm under pressure. They will also be given tips on how to approach different types of questions on the SSAT exam.


Students will learn how to plan and structure their essays, as well as how to edit and proofread their work. They will also practice writing timed essays under exam conditions.


French is one of our official languages in Canada. French Immersion schools can be found in many provinces. At eLamb Academy, based on our students’ ages and school types, we have divided our French classes into three categories: French Foundation, Core French and French Immersion. All curricula are based and developed from Ontario French Curriculum. We foster students’ French study interests and enhance students’ overall French skills.