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eLamb French immersion curriculum fits the best for students from French immersion schools. Based on the features and regulations of first language learning, we have integrated curricula developed in France and applied engaging pedagogies to enhance students’ French reading, vocabulary, writing and grammar skills. The energetic and positive atmosphere in class, combined with exciting learning activities, can provide our students with plenty of opportunities to learn and practice French.

eLamb French immersion curriculum has integrated the curricula developed in France and adapted to Ontario French immersion programs guidelines. Our immersion program covers in-depth knowledge regarding the French language, including vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking. Besides, our immersion program is more than a French language class as it has included many topics that students are excited to learn and discuss in French. Our immersion program has the following features:

Adding a variety of content to your curriculum helps develop all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The variety of formats also keeps lessons fresh, engaging, and incredibly effective.

An effective immersion curriculum is based on students’ age, fluency level and general knowledge. It considers the unique skills and content that they’ve learned throughout their academic journey so far and expands on it. We design our immersion program to fit their levels and meet their unique needs and interests.

French-only Zone
We are trying to expose our students to a French environment as much as possible. Our teachers minimalize the usage of English during class. In doing so, we are fostering our students’ habits to think in French.

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French is one of our official languages in Canada. French Immersion schools can be found in many provinces. At eLamb Academy, based on our students’ ages and school types, we have divided our French classes into three categories: French Foundation, Core French and French Immersion. All curricula are based and developed from Ontario French Curriculum. We foster students’ French study interests and enhance students’ overall French skills.