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Our Vision

At ELAMB Academy, we believe every child deserves the highest quality of care and instruction.  Our mission is to provide a positive, safe and caring environment where children can learn and grow at their own pace and achieve their full potential with confidence and happiness.

Founder‘s Message

Confidence is a crucial part of children’s development. Building a child’s confidence will naturally develop their enthusiasm to explore the world and promote learning new skills.

Each child has unique talents and unrealized capacity for learning. And our goal is to unleash this potential so your child can get ahead and stay ahead.

At ELAMB Academy we offer advanced, innovative and standard-based curriculum, resources and professional development. Our mission is to inspire and enable your children to discover and develop their confidence and ability.

Joey Chen

ELAMB Academy Founder
Ms. Anna W. has an M.A. degree in Education Studies, specializing in Curriculum Studies and Identity Studies.

She is also a PCI certified ® parent coach candidate from the Parent Coach Institute in the U.S. Anna focuses on curriculum development and family education. She believes in infinite potential in human development.

Ms. Anna W

Program Surpervisor

Ms. Rebecca L. holds BSc in Chemical Engineering with distinction.

She is passionate about teaching children and helping them achieve academic goals. Her excellent interpersonal and communication skills have been well recognized within eLamb Academy.

Ms. Rebecca L.

Academic Consultant

Our Teachers

· TEFL and TESOL certified teacher
· Bachelor of Principles and Methods of Language Education
· Innovated, inspiring, and fun classroom management
· Dedicated ESL teacher
· Help children to build their love for the English language in an encouraging manner

Ms. Allison M.

· Bilingual Teacher (English and French)
· Montessori Certified teacher
· More than twenty years of Montessori school teaching experience
· Head Montessori Directress
· Teach enhanced and individualized curriculum based on children’ needs.

Ms. Anne K.

· MACTE Montessori teacher
· Professional and experienced Montessori CASA teacher
· French Language Certificate
· More than 8 years of solid experience in teaching French
· Highly skilled in classroom management and engagement, child observations, curriculum development, creating interactive lessons

Ms. Bahareh Z.

· OCT teacher · Registered Early Childhood Educator
· More than 8 years experience with pre-K to primary students
· Interactive online and on-site teaching experience
· Meet students’ learning needs by using a variety of resourceful teaching strategies

Ms. Carina K.

· Master of Science, Biology from University of Waterloo
· Science Graduate Award, University of Waterloo
· Passionate about fostering curiosity and excitement for learning Science and Mathematics
· Provide personalized lessons and catering to needs of the students

Ms. Elaine N.

Singapore Math, Competition Math, SSAT Math Prep , Biology , Chemistry , Science , STEAM
· OCT teacher
· Bachelor's Degree in B.Ed. P/J/I. B.A. Linguistics, Psychology, History
· 30 years of teaching experience
· Full-time teacher at YCDSB before retired
· All subjects in grades from JK to grade 8

Ms. Jennifer M.

· Talented pianist graduated from U of Toronto
· RCM Rudiments, Grade 10, and Harmony with First Class Honours with Distinction
· Experienced piano teacher for all different age students
· Dedicated to helping children reach their full music potential
· Cooperated with such famous musicians as Aleksander Ivashkin, Rossitza Goza, Jurate Svedaite, Gesa Lucker and Alexandre Brussilovsky

Ms. Kaelyn S.

· B. Ed. OCT teacher
· Over 20 years’ teaching experience in Ontario public school system
· EQAO scorekeeper
· Experienced teacher for ESL and IEP
· Dedicated to helping children identify and enhance their unique potential

Ms. Kristina K.

· Honours Bachelor of Child Development Program
· Montessori School teacher
· Outstanding capability of communication skills in English and Mandarin
· Responsible, patient, considerate, creative and flexible
· Strong organization and collaboration skills
· Rich experience in teaching Chinese in Canada

Ms. Linda L.

· M. A. in English Language and Literature
· TESL Ontario accredited and PBLA certified teacher
· More than 14 years of teaching English/ESL/EAP/IELTS/French
· Creative lesson planner and program designer
· Always build a friendly, yet professional relationship students

Ms. Mina A.

· Montessori CASA Training
· Montessori Elementary Training
· 20 years of private school teaching experience
· Lesson Planning Expertise
· Student Motivation
· Special Education

Ms. Nargess R.

· OCT Teacher
· Certified Montessori Teacher
· Registered Early Educator (RECE)
· Years of practicing had shaped her philosophy in teaching
· Support children's education through inquiry-based learning as well as through a child-centered approach, where children's curiosity drives their development.

Ms. Sally Y.

· ECE teacher
· Rich experience in teaching Chinese in Canada and China
· Offer customized Chinese class for Chinese children in Canada
· Combine systematized on-site teaching with engaging on-line activities and well-designed homework

Ms. Sarah Chu.

· B. Ed. OCT teacher
· 30 years’ teaching experience in public school system
· 6 years’ teaching experience in Special Education
· Experienced ESL and IEP teacher
· Specialty is language development, including learning disabilities and speech impairment.

Ms. Silvana D.

Want to
Elamb Academy?


At ELAMB Academy, our stunning study center is perfectly designed to accommodate teachers and students to develop memorable and high-quality educational experiences. We have opened our new location in Newmarket and equipped our Montessori classroom with brand-new ethically-made learning materials. Our safe and friendly environment like our study center welcomes all age groups from Kindergarten to G12 students to attend high-quality classes with ease and comfort.


French is one of our official languages in Canada. French Immersion schools can be found in many provinces. At eLamb Academy, based on our students’ ages and school types, we have divided our French classes into three categories: French Foundation, Core French and French Immersion. All curricula are based and developed from Ontario French Curriculum. We foster students’ French study interests and enhance students’ overall French skills.