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If you are looking for a class to enhance your children’s literacy skills, our Holistic Reading and Writing class will be your right choice. Over the years, we have found that students learn best when the connections between pieces of knowledge and skills are enhanced through learning. This is where a holistic approach comes in. This program engages our students with carefully picked fiction and non-fiction books and enhances students’ overall literacy through this holistic approach.

Students will join their grade-level class and finish reading 4-5 eLamb picked books each term. These books are picked up either because they are popular in the age group or because the content is highly relatable and exciting to our students.

In our holistic reading and writing class, the teacher will integrate reading and writing in the sense that:

1. Reading inspires students to come up with their writing topics and ideas. Students can write what they have learned from the reading. They can also write on a similar topic.

2. Reading is the sample/model of writing. Students learn writing strategies from what they have read, for instance, structures, expressions, etc.

3. Writing is a way of learning. Students write to seek a more precise understanding of what they have read.

4. Writing is a way of expression. Students write as active learners to communicate with the authors, teachers, classmates and themselves.

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French is one of our official languages in Canada. French Immersion schools can be found in many provinces. At eLamb Academy, based on our students’ ages and school types, we have divided our French classes into three categories: French Foundation, Core French and French Immersion. All curricula are based and developed from Ontario French Curriculum. We foster students’ French study interests and enhance students’ overall French skills.