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The after-school program at ELAMB is one of the most comprehensive and well-rounded in the Aurora, Newmarket and East Gwillimbury area. We offer a variety of programs and activities that cater to all interests and age groups. We provide a safe and fun environment for kids to learn and achieve their academic goal.

6-16 YRS

Our program focuses on building your child’s English foundation. Besides improving vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills, our teachers work to improve our students’ reading comprehension and inspire their interest in writing.

6-16 YRS

There’s no such thing as “I’m bad at math.” Our personalized math tutors will help your child reach their goals, whether it’s higher grades or better skills.

6-16 YRS

At eLamb, picking up French is not difficult anymore. Our professional French teacher makes learning French fun and fast!

6-16 YRS

Chinese is one of the most widely-spoken languages in Canada. Whether you want to enhance your child’s language ability, or to build his/her Chinese identity, our Chinese class is your best choice.

9-16 YRS

Have your children be literate in this new language of the 21st century. Our young coding professionals teach Scratch, Python, and online game design. Get your child started today.

6-16 YRS

Specializing in one subject isn’t enough anymore. Instead, prepare your child for real life by teaching him or her to think creatively and critically through interdisciplinary learning.

5-16 YRS

Learning music has lifelong benefits. Whether online or onsite, have your children learn piano or flute from experienced Royal Conservatory of Music teachers who will encourage and assist them to participate in exams, festivals, or competitions.


We offer both online E-Learning and on-site in-person learning. E-Learning provide children more opportunities to access their class and more flexibility to in their learning path. E-Classes has the same curriculum requirements of in-person classes best meet children’s needs and interests. 


Language is the foundation for all subjects. All our teachers are highly experienced and qualified and know how to motivate and inspire the students to learn. Based on students’ needs, we provide Ontario English Curriculum based Complete English classes and literacy-focused Holistic Reading and Writing Classes. Both programs cover vocabulary, spelling, grammar, reading writing and more.


ELAMB Math curriculum develops deep math mastery and confidence by focusing on a limited number of key topics, applying a unique three-step learning model based on child development theory, and by developing strategies for solving word problems and thinking algebraically.


French is one of our official languages in Canada. French Immersion schools can be found in many provinces. At eLamb Academy, based on our students’ ages and school types, we have divided our French classes into three categories: French Foundation, Core French and French Immersion. All curricula are based and developed from Ontario French Curriculum. We foster students’ French study interests and enhance students’ overall French skills.


SSAT is Secondary School Admission Test. Since 1957, students have used the SSAT to showcase their verbal, math, and reading skills to admissions professionals. It’s a critical component of a complete application process, and it helps both schools and students find the best match. Usually, students from G3-4 join the SSAT Lower Level test; students from G5-7 join the SSAT Middle-Level test; students from G8-11 join the SSAT Upper-Level test.


ELAMB STEAM and Coding programs guide students to use Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and coding skills to create and think critically. The results are students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, which prepares them with sufficient skills to stand out in today’s new world.


ELAMB well-experienced piano and flute teachers from the Royal Conservatory of Music will encourage and assist your child in participating in exams, festivals, and competitions.

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