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Summer Day Camp

ELAMB Summer Camp is one of the most popular summer programs for growing children from 4 to 12 years old. It is a weekly themed program in which campers engage in a variety of indoor and outdoor themed activities. Every year from July to August, our campers participate in language, math, art, science, and sports educational activities to enhance campers’ physical and mental development. We look forward to having a safe and wonderful camp experience with our campers in 2023!

ELAMB Summer Camp program has been earned a stellar reputation in the Aurora, Newmarket, King, East Gwillimbury area. Over the years, we’ve chronicled the most successful activities and strategies for engaging our campers of all ages. We aim to bring long-term benefits to campers and their families.

Safety the Top Priority

We have been preparing for the camp by closely following Ontario Health Ministry Guidelines. ELAMB Summer Camp is a NUT-Free environment. Campers have an option to join our meal program which provides two snacks and one hot lunch from a HACCP Certified food company.

Academic Enhancement

ELAMB Summer Camp helps campers improve their academic performance and develop a good learning habit. We attempt to provide stimulating learning experiences in the areas of language, math, culture, geometry, and science. It is a fun and enjoyable way of enhancing their intelligence.

Play-Base Environment

Learning can be fun and enjoyable. Children learn better when they are having fun. Each week we introduce a new theme in a play-based environment. Our camp instructors have created thrilling science experiments, artworks and crafts, intellectual games and outdoor adventures for kids of all ages.

Explore Diverse Interests

ELAMB Summer Camps are designed to provide our campers with a better experience every summer. With the help of our daily science and art activities, campers get to explore the world in their own way, finding their long-lasting interests in our camps. Our camp instructor lead the camp programs with enthusiasm and creativity, providing campers with a strong educational foundation. Thanks to these efforts and encouragement, many of our campers have pursued their interests in various areas during and after their time.

Mental Stimulation & Physical Activity

ELAMB Summer Camp is designed to stimulate children mentally and physically. Physical activity often goes hand-in-hand with mental stimulation, as creativity and thought processes are heightened when the body is in motion. We incorporate art and sports into our program of activities. Our camp will allow campers to get off couches and get them going, running, jumping, thinking and creating.

Teamwork And Leadership

Summer Camp is a fun time to meet new friends and have fun. We’re a group of passionate educators whose mission is to help kids make friends while learning teamwork and leadership skills. We believe that nurturing confidence, social skills, and character in youth helps them lead more fulfilling lives. Many of campers have benefited from our summer camp. We have heard it a million times from campers: “I have found my people!”

ELAMB Summer Camp Schedule and Time

July 10-August 25, 2023
Monday to Friday
9:00 AM-4:00 PM

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